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August 7, 2014

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Save the Date! - AFT 6157 14th Annual Picnic PDF
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Saturday September 27, 2014
Vasona Park, Los Gatos, CA


Collective Bargaining Agreement
Reopener Contract
July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014 PDF


Upcoming Executive Board/Membership Meetings

Friday September 5th, 2014
San Jose City College - SC 104 (downstairs)

CFT - Info On the Affordable Care Act "Obamacare" PDF


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Prez Sez... Lobbying the Legislature - Heaven Help Us!!

When we are young most people make the assumption that within the halls of justice there is in fact justice. Even though we soon realize that is not always true most everyone tends to understand that the justice system is not perfect and that much can be done to improve its complicated search for the truth. That system depicts two sides arguing strongly for ... continue...


A Passion For Community!

Attending a CFT conference is unique in that you are surrounded by extremely passionate advocates, not particularly of any discipline such as ESL or history, but for workers’ rights, workers’ issues, and for justice for students, classified staff, and teachers. The list of thirty-five resolutions that were debated and voted on at the state convention March 21-23 in ... continue...


AFT 6157 Newsletter May 2014

Faculty Matters

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Where Lays the Responisibility to Train?

A comparison between the job description for technical, trade and craft workers two decades ago and now illustrates the dramatic change in the occupational requirements and skills of these workers. Two decades ago, technical, trade and craft workers performed functions similar to their predecessors. They were tutored by their mentors and they learned much of their skills by repetition and experience. Today, these workers operate, maintain, repair and....continue...


Honored for 30 Years of Success

An Academic Jewel at EVC
Energy was high on Friday evening, May 2, 2014, as hundreds of family, friends, faculty, and community members, came to the Evergreen Valley College (EVC) campus to recognize Enlace student graduates / transfers for their academic accomplishments, and also to pay honor to the Enlace Program for the 30 years of commitment serving Chicano / Latino students at EVC.......continue...

FA AFT 6157 Annual Picnic - October 2013


AFT 6157 Mentorship Program Video PDF


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