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September 30, 2015

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AFT 6157 Annual Picnic - October 3, 2015 PDF
Celebrating the Lives of
Kieron Connolly & Paul Humann


AFT 6157 Collective Bargaining Agreement PDF

7/1/2014 through 6/30/17


AFT 6157 Negotiations Reopener Proposal 2015 PDF


Upcoming Executive Board/Membership Meetings

Friday October 9th, 2015
San Jose City College - SC 204



Prez Sez... A New Semester

Here we are again. A new semester, a large group of new full-time and adjunct faculty, and scores of new faces in our classified and administrative ranks. Many changes to the physical look of our campuses have taken place and there are more changes to come. continue...

Kieron Connolly & Paul Humann

Kieron Connolly served for over eight years on the AFT’s Executive Board as the SJCC full-time faculty representative and became a valuable and strong union leader.
Paul Humann was an adjunct English faculty from EVC and former AFT 6157 Adjunct Executive Board member. A young, dedicated teacher whose gentleness and sincerity made all that knew him smile.. continue...


AFT 6157 Newsletter September 2015

Faculty Matters

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In Memory of Kieron Connolly

Kieron was my closest friend and colleague. The best times were back in Ireland or in Spain, when we’d share a pint and laugh ourselves silly at the thought of San Jose City College and all the “antics,” “scandals” and “goings-on” around this campus! Truth of the matter was, we only worked here! Although we always gave our full 100 percent to the job, our hearts were in Ireland. ... continue...


In Memory of Paul Humann

While I met Paul at an adjunct meeting at EVC. He was quiet, yet thoughtful and immediately present in knowing he wanted to be part of the Union. We thank his two parents who were both teachers and who, from an early age, had Paul in tow going to union meetings, union rallies and union events. Paul was unconditionally union. . continue...

AFT 6157 Annual Picnic - October 2014


AFT 6157 Mentorship Program Video PDF



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