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March 23, 2015

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Friday March 27th, 2015
Evergreen Valley College - Appi Mishra (LC)



Prez Sez... In The End - All Lives Matter

Whether it is a young man who is confronted by the police, a child playing in the park who is perceived somehow as a threat, a man selling single cigarettes on the street, or two police officers killed in retaliation for actions of others, tragedy has compounded on top of more tragedy to the point where all reason or the capacity for understanding has escaped our grasp. continue...


Two Tales of An Economy

How long will this booming economy last? If you knew the answer to this question, you probably could make a number of decisions that would greatly enhance your personal finances. Similarly, with an accurate crystal ball on the economy, our college district could make better budgeting and growth decisions; and, your union could better negotiate salary and benefits for the faculty. continue...


AFT 6157 Newsletter March 2015

Faculty Matters

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Enhancing Opportunities One Book at A Time

The San José/Evergreen Federation of Teachers AFT 6157 Executive Board voted unanimously to partner with “Somos Mayfair” to support a Literacy Campaign Effort (LCE) targeting disadvantaged children residing in the historic Mayfair community. Included in the Somos Mayfair and AFT 6157 LCE is the National American Federation of Teacher’s partnership with “First Book” which is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the literacy rate among lower socio-economic communities throughout the U.S. The ultimate goal is to provide all children with the necessary tools to enhance their opportunity to: Read, Learn, and Succeed. . ... continue...


Oh the Humanity! New PRC Contract Language

No Hindenburg specter looms on the horizon. However, several faculty have asked me about how the new language negotiated by the AFT 6157 will affect them when they apply for PRC credit for courses and activities—credits that will enable them to earn salary increments based on 1) lane changes, 2) step changes, or 3) activity payments. continue...

AFT 6157 Annual Picnic - October 2014


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